Error scores KKKK's from Kerrang Magazine!

Broken Beats From Unlikely Super group - KKKK - Kerrang Mar. '04

The LOWDOWN: This week's obligatory NIN side-project finds programmer Atticus Ross enlisting Dillinger Escape Plan's Greg Puciato and Bad Religion/Epitaph man Brett Gurewitz to create something far spikier than scenester collaborations usually have the energy to muster. While still inhabiting the industrial sphere, Error are closer to Aphex Twin's sinister and brilliantly evil 'Come To daddy' than Ross' day job.

Fuelled by a palpably punk sense of nihilism, these five tracks bode well for Error's full-length debut which is due later in 2004.

BEST TRACK: 'Burn In Hell'

Olly Thomas
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