Error scores 4/5 stars from!

This is easily one of the hardest reviews I`ve done since coming onto the staff here. Error is the aggregate of Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz, Dillinger Escape plan singer Greg Puciato, Nine Inch Nails programmer Atticus Ross, and his brother Leopold. The music is recognizably in the vein of NIN, but with a more frantic, chaotic feel. Puciato's vocals are very different from the Dillinger sound, relying more on a high pitched creening style which floats in and out of screams and singing, and often utilizes heavy effects. The five song ep clocks in at about 20 minutes of industrial techno-metal. When I first got this cd I was really turned off by it. I expected to hear something more bad religion/dillinger related, but found instead a very NIN sound which lacked the amazing vocals and song writing of Trent Reznor. I wasn't sure what substance I was supposed to be on to appreciate it, it just grated. But in the span of a week it has grown substantially on me. Once you get past the fact that it is not any of the members' bands it comes off very well done. The music is seamlessly put together, and aurally it is incredibly involving to the listener. The only thing that bugs me at this point is that some of the lyrics are pretty generic, for instance "I believe in homicide" (Homicide), or the repetitive "Jack the Ripper." Overall though, it is a very interesting listen and an exercise in expanding musical comfort zones. Four stars for a aurally pleasurable experience.

Reviewed by: Kyle
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