Epitaph Tour 2005 DVD is now in production!

Cameras were constantly rolling during one of the most successful package tours Epitaph has ever executed -The Epitaph Tour 2005! Featuring some of the most talented young bands on the label roster, this tour simply "went off" in every town it hit!

As MATCHBOOK ROMANCE, MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, SCATTER THE ASHES and FROM FIRST TO LAST tore up stages across the country, cameras captured the action and this footage is now being pieced together to form the hyper-dense, action packed EPITAPH TOUR 2005 DVD.

Scheduled for a length of 90 minutes, the EPITAPH TOUR 2005 DVD contains an absolute ton of high-quality live performance footage, as well as a slew of bonus footage & special features. These features include out-takes, artist interviews, a DVD-Rom feature with web compatibility, hidden "Easter eggs" and much, much more!

Basically, the EPITAPH TOUR 2005 DVD takes you out on the road, into the venues and shows you "how it all went down" during this incredible tour!

Here is what the press has been saying about the bands featured on this killer DVD:

"...dynamic and ever-shifting, swinging wildly from rowdy riffs and haunting screams to multi-layered harmonies and gentle strummings in the blink of an eye, creating a jagged, hook-laden sound that's passionate, urgent and utterly irresistible." - KKKK,

- Kerrang!

"If ever there were a band that stood out from the pop-punk sound-alikes, it's Minneapolis' Motion City Soundtrack. Melodic, clean, crunchy and catchy as all hell..."


"Diversity, textures, the kitchen sink -- they're all here for you on Dear Diary, especially if melodic post-hardcore that uses electronics, acoustic passages and, as drummer Derek Bloom says, "head banging like there's no tomorrow" turns your crank."

- Alternative Press

"...truly something that we've never heard before and as hard as some bands try to win the title of uniqueness, Scatter the Ashes is one that finally hits a home run. Pay attention to this band, because they could very well change the face of rock music as we know it."
- PunkHardcore.com

* * * * (Four Stars)
The Matches have lit the fuse of a vibrant punk explosion... Live Loud and Local. [Songs such as] "Dog Eared Page" and "Audio Blood" are wildly crafty, wickedly entertaining punk-pop blasts, and "Say 18" blends punk and anthemic rock with arena-worthy wah-wah and CBGB-friendly power chords. A treasure worth diving for...