Epitaph signs Heavens!

(Epitaph, Los Angeles, CA) HEAVENS, the stellar new collaboration between Matt Skiba and Josiah Steinbrick has officially signed with Epitaph. Their debut album, entitled Patent Pending, is slated for a September 12th release.

The friendship that spawned Patent Pending, began several years back when Matt Skiba moved to Los Angeles from Chicago, and wound up becoming housemates with Josiah Steinbrick, himself an East Coast native.

“We’re both music nerds,” Skiba explains. “So one day we’re both hanging out listening to music and Joe pulls out this cassette he had recorded with just these instrumental tracks. Even without lyrics I could tell they were amazing songs and said that we should start writing together. I had a sixteen-track in my room that I was using to demo Alkaline Trio songs, and once I fell in love with Joe’s songs, I thought, ‘I could write lyrics to these so easily.’

On Patent Pending Joe Steinbricks stark soundscapes are sharp, crisp and compelling creating a perfect music bed for Skiba’s deranged tales of murder and obsession which he delivers throughout in a disarmingly silken tenor.

The duo will do some limited touring this fall and plans for a video are currently in the works. Music, track listings and more in-depth info. is available online now at Epitaph.com.