Epitaph signs a deal with England's Ikara Colt!

Ikara Colt, the much-acclaimed young English band, have signed to Epitaph Records for the world excluding the UK and Japan.

First release under the deal is Ikara Colt's debut album, Chat and Business, which will be available in Europe on Monday 14th October. The album received enormous critical applause in the UK when it was released by Fantastic Plastic Records last March.

The album's U.S. release is slated for November, a month after Ikara Colt's American debut at Epitaph's CMJ showcase in New York. The band will also be playing a series of dates in key U.S. cities to coincide with the album release.

Says Brett Gurewitz, founder and owner of Epitaph: "I consider Ikara Colt a very important new band. This kind of style, smarts, and aggression has been sorely missed in music. I'm thrilled and honoured to work with them and have high hopes for their future."

The Epitaph version of Chat and Business includes four additional new tracks not featured on the UK release.

The London-based quartet - comprising Jon Ball (bass), Claire Ingram (guitar), Paul Resende (vocals) and Dominic Young (drums) -- have been together since the end of 1999. The band was signed to Fantastic Plastic Records in the Spring of 2001.

Says Darrin Robson, Managing Director of Fantastic Plastic: "Ikara Colt are one of the most exciting and promising new bands to emerge this year and we are delighted to have Epitaph involved as our licensing partner.

"It's great to meet like-minded people and we look forward to working together and bringing Ikara Colt's music to a wider audience."

For more information checkout the link below!

href='http://www.ikaracolt.com/' target='_blank'>Ikara Colt's Official Website