Enter STORY OF THE YEAR'S Black Swan Stencil Posting Contest!

Spread The Black Swan and win free stuff! With a new record "The Black Swan" hitting stores April 22nd, Story Of The Year has officially launched the new logo "The Black Swan". If you haven't been living under a rock, you've probably seen it somewhere on the internet, now it's time to show the rest of the world. Download the new Black Swan Stencil PDF and spread it around to get free stuff from Story Of The Year. Here's what you do:


1) Download the Black Swan Stencil PDF (href="http://www.epitaph.com/press/download/1349" target="_blank">Click here)
2) Print it, Cut it and Spread it (Set Up directions on the PDF)
3) Upload a photo of the stencil to
href="http://www.buzznet.com/groups/theblackswancontest/" target="_blank">http://www.buzznet.com/groups/theblackswancontest>


1) Most Creative Stencil Post:
Get creative! Put the Stencil in a creative spot, make some form of art, shave the stencil into your head; we don't care!. Just come up with a cool way to use the stencil to win. At the end of the contest, the band will select their favorite stencil use and the winner will receive a free signed guitar from Story Of The Year!

2) Most Pictures Posted:
For the user who posts the most pictures of different items using the black swan stencil wins this! All the photos must be of different locations or uses of the black swan so start spreading and uploading! The winner of this will receive a free Ipod Touch!

Thats it, so get to work! Paint the stencil everywhere and win, its that easy. Now, we don't suggest you go spray painting this on public property because thats illegal and the last thing we would want is any of you to get in trouble, but have fun with it. Get creative, be safe and legal! Epitaph, Buzznet and Story Of The Year are not responsible if you do anything that Uncle Sam wouldn't approve of.

Go to: href="http://www.buzznet.com/groups/theblackswancontest/" target="_blank">http://www.buzznet.com/groups/theblackswancontest> to enter now!