Division Of Laura Lee get 4 stars from AZ on the Scene Magazine

Division of Laura Lee :: Das Not Compute :: Epitaph
Four Stars ****

Division of Laura Lee has a fuzzbox and they're going to use it. From exuberant feedback driven walls of noise to downright hypnotic atmospherics, these Swede rockers return with their follow up to Black City and prove that they have an amazing range that speaks highly of their future potential. Paying homage as much to the shoegazers as it does to garage rock, DOLL truly finds their stride on this album and delivers all the promises their first album only hinted at. Not unlike BRMC's recent efforts, there seems to be an affinity for mixing there sound with an appealing Brit Pop base and their sound is all the stronger for it. Hook-laden punk revival rock swimming in a Swedish sea of brilliance--for full enjoyment, play at maximum volume.

Mitchell Hillman - AZ on the Scene Magazine

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