Division of Laura Lee cancels upcoming U.S. tour dates

Unfortunately, they have had to cancel their appearance at the Coachella Festival and additional U.S. dates. Per is very sick with a throat infection and fever and is acting under the advice of his doctor and has sent this official statement:

"Due to the fact that I've been suffering from grave throat-infection, coughing for the last three weeks and have been totally feeble in my body. I've been having fever for the last weeks and as I went to the doctor today for the second time in two days he adviced/ordered me to cancel the trip to U.s. as I need to recover from my illness, or this will lead to further injuries & I would seriously risk my health. I feel totally worn out right now.

I'm indeed very sorry that we need to cancel, not only due to all the fans that bought tickets to our upcoming shows, but also it feels unfortunate towards my band comrades Hakan, Jonas & David, as they also were very excited on coming back to the U.s. on tour & especially excited about Coachella festival, meeting a lot of new people, receiving new vibes.

We'll definitely be back in the U.s. and by this fall we'll record our second album which will turn out to be The master-piece. Again I'm sorry that we had to cancel the tour, we'll be back soon.

I also want to take the chance & say THANKS to all the people that came out to our shows, bought our records and supported us in amazing letters, emails, phone-calls, live-conversations, it's been the year of my dreams.

We'll recover and come back more powerful than you could ever imagine."

We all hope Per has a speedy recovery and wish him the best...