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Well folks, I am not sure what to say about this one. I mean, what is there to say about Death By Stereo that hasn't already been said? It's like trying to talk about something that is beyond words. I think I might be brief on this one. First, the intro for all you cats that aren't already fans of Death By Stereo.

Death By Stereo is Efrem Schulz -- Vocals, Paul Miner -- Bass, Dan Palmer -- Guitar, Tito- Guitar and Todd Hennig -- Drums from Southern CA. The beginning of their musical journey began in 1998. They started playing shows in the Southern California area shortly after jamming together and poof! Here they are today screaming louder and playing as fast as ever.

DBS's latest release is titled "Into the Valley of Death." (What an awesome title, I love it!) Anyways, I think this album has exactly what DBS fans want to hear. It's more melodic, it's angry, it's fast and it's loud! Ok, I said it; yes it is "melodic." Followers of hardcore punk might get a tad disgruntled at the use of this word, but trust me, as always DBS will not hesitate for one split second to knock you on your can with heavy breakdowns and blows to the head with blunt objects. I think that this is the force behind their music. They use this melody in a good way. DBS has such a good way of capturing their audience and suddenly when no one expects it, they whip out the brass knuckles and lead pipes and start swingin'. Tracks that make me want to beat people up are "I wouldn't piss in your ear if your brain was on fire", and "what I can't hear, touch, smell or see can't hurt me." Both these songs encompass the anger, the speed, the drive and the aggressiveness that I love about DBS.

And for the older fans of DBS, I'll keep it simple. Yes, it is as good as Day of the Death and yes, it will make you want to start fights with random people. Enjoy.

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