Death By Stereo to appear on "Masters Of Horror" compilation

Immortal Records has announced the October 18th release date for the upcoming Masters of Horror soundtrack.

The soundtrack accompanies the upcoming Showtime series which will air 13 one-hour films from notable horror directors. Among the films featured are Dario Argento ("Suspiria," "Opera"), John Carpenter ("Halloween," "The Thing"), Larry Cohen ("It's Alive"), Don Coscarelli ("Phantasm," "The Beastmaster"), Joe Dante ("The Howling," "Gremlins"), Mick Garris ("Riding the Bullet," "The Stand"), Stuart Gordon ("Re-Animator"), John Landis ("An American Werewolf in London"), Tobe Hooper ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Poltergeist") and George Romero ("Night of the Living Dead")

The double disc soundtrack will include original and previously unreleased material from The Bronx, Rise Against, Murder By Death, Fear Before The March of Flames, Andrew W.K. The Bled any many others. For a list of the short films scheduled to date, you can visit this site, however the site does not work for non-US residents.

You can click Read More for the list of participants confirmed thus far.

Norma Jean
Buckethead featuring Serj Tankian
Matchbook Romance
Andrew W.K.
Rise Against
Armor For Sleep
Death By Stereo
The Bronx
Fear Before The March of Flames
It Dies Today
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
A Change of Pace
Bedlight For Blue Eyes
Murder By Death
The Bled (more to be announced...)

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