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Death by Stereo - Death for Life
by Justin on Tuesday 05 April 2005

Ever wondered if chaos, destruction, riots, and havoc with something beautiful? I know that i have, and I am pretty sure the music in my ears is doing the same thing. Death by Stereo brings you there latest cd titled, Death For Life. Efrem has some of the best vocals in the hardcore scene, and he didnt sieze to disapoint me with Death For Life. DBS brings you their raging vocals, intense riffs, and clashing drums. To add to the greatness of the CD, they brought in Fred and Bruce from Avenged Sevenfold to help out with production. The CD opens up with "Binge/Purge" -- a very intense song that shows you what i started this review with... chaos & destruction.. that's beautiful. From Binge/Purge they don't let you down throwing down some amazing riffs in Forget Regret, while the vocals in "Don't Piss on My Neck and Tell Me It's Raining" are hair-raising and spine-tingling. By the end of the cd you will be overwhelmed with the chaos this band brings.

My reccomendations: Go buy this cd as soon as you can, it is definately one for the collection and proves that Death By Stereo isn't done making great music; they're just starting!

Score: 9/10

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