Dan By Stereo injured in the gym; DBS forced to cancel shows!

Seems like hurting yourself in the gym is a pretty cool thing to do lately! Just ask Dan Palmer who was evidently trying to combine two exercises: the "Dragon Walk" and the "Arnold Press" when he heard "click, pop, crunch" in his wrist and then felt devestating pain in the area. "Palmin" as he is known to his intimate friends, was rushed to the E.R. where he was diagnosed as having a second-degree sprain of the wrist.

I called Dan myself for a comment on how he felt about the injury and show cancellations, and he said, "Makes no difference to me." That kind of sums it up, doesn't it?

Well, here is what the band had to say about the situation:

"We regretfully must cancel this weekend's shows in Auburn and Redding due to Dan severely spraining his wrist while at the gym. Apparently the toothpaste stain on his shirt that haunted him while working out in West Hollywood before the record release show returned and caused his spotter to become distracted. In all seriousness, due to doctor's orders, Dan will be unable to play guitar for 3 weeks at which time he will be re-evaluated. Fret not though, the injury will not affect the Thursday tour.

In other news, make sure you get tickets ASAP for the Thursday shows because the shows are in smaller venues than Thursday usually plays and this tour will probably mark the last chance to catch Death By Stereo this year in these markets. Let's show those emo kids what a circle pit looks like."

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