Converge gets a perfect score for their new record 'You Fail Me'.

Rating - 5 stars

After years writing, performing, and creating innovative and complex music, Converge remains at the top of the heavy music bill. You Fail Me reestablishes their place within the elite of progressive hardcore music and as deserving legends in any scene. Lyrical, musical, and artistic talent all blend into one seamless and driving force, pulled together by the musical perspicuity of the band's artistic and lyrical vision. Although remaining distinctly a Converge effort, You Fail Me branches out in noticeable ways. There is a seven minute long acoustic track ("in her shadow") in the center of the album for pacing, breaking up the record's fairly relentless assault on the listener with a quick melodic breather before jumping back into the fray. Also, some of the songs have a more atmospheric quality to them, such as the slower building feel in the first and second songs ("first light" and "last light") and incorporated into the more minimal breakdowns later on as the CD progresses. Without sacrificing the brutal and crushing style they've pioneered over the last decade, Bannon and Converge manage to experiment with their style somewhat by weaving subtler musical qualities into the grinding guitar-work, gut-wrenching scream, and thick, precise rhythm section. It showcases a musical maturity nearly unmatched in the genre, leaving their integrity intact and propelling them further into the ranks of the great bands of our time. It is definitely more similar to the masterpiece Jane Doe than any other Converge recording, and while maybe not quite as good as the aforementioned effort, this is still a highly enjoyable and thoroughly necessary album. Go out, buy it, and soak it in. Recommended heavily.

Reviewed by: Kyle
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