Converge continues work on new album!

The band continues to work on their second full length for Epitaph. The album will follow the band's 2004 release You Fail Me and is expected sometime this year.

The individual members of the band are also busy with their many projects. Bassist Nate Newton will be headed to Europe in February with Doomriders. That band issued their first full length, Black Thunder last year. They will be joined by Belgium's Rise And Fall for that tour.

Drummer Ben Koller continues to tour with Cave In who are also headed to Europe in February with Pelican. Following that, they are headed to Japan to continue supporting Perfect Pitch Black.

Guitarist Kurt Ballou is busy producing and engineering records as well as writing a guitar tech column for AMP. Vocalist Jacob Bannon continues to work on his art and run Deathwish Inc. Bannon is also hoping to complete work on the Dear Lover project with a release expected this year. The record was originally promised for 2005 but was delayed.

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