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On October 7th, 2003 I had the great pleasure of sitting down with one of my favorite bands, The Bouncing Souls. The day couldn't of started off any worse. My microphone broke and almost had me throwing in the towel and admitting defeat. Shortly after my digital camera broke (bye 175$), but to top of the night the Press passes were some how missed place. Thank fully we had bought tickets in advance before we confirmed the interview. So in the end it all worked out. Despite these shitty events the night could of not been any worse but I must admit, it did get better. Keeping in true punk rock fashion, I decided to say fuck it and fuck you to a new microphone (120$+ for a new microphone), took a trip to the local gas station picked up a pack of pens (for 1.50$) and headed over to Slim's on 11th street in San Francisco. After getting there we journeyed over across the street for a tallboy and a disposable camera, which by far has to be one of the best investments I have made in a long time. We hung around out side till we saw Kate. Kate was kind enough to let us in during the Souls sound check. Once they were done I sat down with Pete, Greg, and Brian (shortly joining later Michael). The Bouncing Souls were kind of enough and patient enough to sit & put up with my bullshit as I jotted down all the answers to my questions. I must admit my penmen ship sucks but I do have somewhat of a good memory. Chelsea and I sat down with the Souls to shoot the shit, and ask a few questions about their new album and ongoing tour.

Marc: How does this album differ from others?
Brian: This album was put together by a group of guys I like to call the dream team. We were definitely going for the over produced sound. It was great working with the producers on this album. We are very proud of the way it turned out.
Marc: yea I can totally tell there has been a lot of work put in to this one. In "Simple Man" I can feel this big ass bass line just punch me in the chest its awesome!

Marc: How is the record label doing? Any new bands? Or any Chunksaah tour dates coming up?
Brian: Wanted dead and vision are touring currently. Vision is opening up for us tonight here, we hope to have some sort of line up very soon for the near future.

Marc: So how do you guys Like San Francisco?
Brian: We love this city, great sites.
Pete: Great characters too.
Greg: Lots of spots to skate.

Marc: What was your opinion of the Asbury Skate & Surf Show?
Brian: That show is always awesome!
Greg: Yes very fun.
Pete: Yea we love doing that show.

Marc: I bet since you guys are from Jersey. Must be fun to be able to play in your home state.
Brian: Yea, it has always been fun.

Marc: What are some of the most embarrassing moments on stage? Have you guys cut wet ones? Or anything of that sort?
Brian: Yes many wet ones have been cut.
Greg: For me the most embarrassing moment has to be forgetting songs.
Pete: Falling off the stage, has to be one of the most embarrassing things for me.

Marc: Where do you guys reside? Where do you live?
Brian: I live in the lower east side of NYC.
Pete: I live in the lower west side. This way we have the whole city covered.
Greg: I live in L.A

Marc: How has this tour been?
Brian: Man Tsunami Bomb, and the other bands have been great. Very nice people and lots of fun. Every tour kicks ass to be honest.

Marc: Why the two year wait for this album? Where you guys just busy or what's up?
Brian: That's just how long it takes to do a big ass tour and then put the new album together. We didn't want to rush in to things. Especially with this album. It had to be perfect.

Marc: What are your thoughts on Napster? The whole RIAA thing?
Brian: We think that if someone wants to grab our stuff off Napster that is great advertisement for us.
Chelsea: Yea half the stuff I listen to I would not of ever of heard of if it wasn't for Napster and mp3s.
Brian: Exactly! We think it is great, I mean there were a bunch of kids that had the new album along time before it came out and that is cool with us.
Marc: Yea I like to buy the album for the art and all that shit.
Pete: yea me to. We try not to be police like we don't care *laugh* Anarchy! Haha!

Marc: So what was up with the Fear of a punk planet movies/episodes? How was it working with Joe Escalante?
Gregg: A whole lot of shitty acting... Lots of..
Brian: We love those guys. Warren and Joe do the vocals at the beginning of Shark Attack. Joe does the female vocals while Warren does the guy's voice.
Pete: yea man Joe is very cool. Definitely, a great group of guys.

Marc: Brian, I know you do a lot of the art work for the albums, I noticed that there was a massive leap from the old style of art covers compared to this new one any reason?
Brian: I just envisioned the way the album should look. After the album was recorded I matched up the way this album sounded and that's how I came up with the album cover.
Marc: Definitely very fitting.

Marc: Ok guys I know you are hungry. So that's it! Thanks again for being patient and dealing with my "technical difficulties". Have a great show and I will see you out there.

The Bouncing Souls: No problem dude! How about a picture?

This is about the time I broke my digital!

The Bouncing Souls performance's was definitely one to remember. These guys never cease to amaze me. Their onstage presence is truly remarkable. Not only are they a great band but a nice group of people.

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