Check out a new interview with the Bouncing Souls!

Chris: The Bands Name where did it come from?

Greg: From Doctor Martins boots, The little tag on the back that says "With Bouncing Soles".

Chris: Your experiences with record labels?

Greg: Umm well we only worked with BYO (BYO Records) and Epitaph as far as the Bouncing Souls but ive seen bands work with different labels and with different experiences, I think it varies from every independent, it depends on who runs it, if they really care about the bands you can tell.

Chris: Ok, Well allot of people say that Epitaph are a nice label to be on.

Greg: They are.

Chris: What would you say is highly overrated in terms of being in the Bouncing Souls or in a band in general?

Greg: (Thinks) Ok, What's overrated about being in a band....(Laughs) Ummm.

Chris: Everyone so far has said "Money"

Greg: (Laughs) Yeah. That's a good answer! They think you have tons of money cos you're on stage in front of thousands of people.

Chris: Where would you say that the Bouncing Souls major fan base is?

Greg: Well scattered around America on the east coast and west cost but mainly America.

Chris: Cool, When and were your first gig?

Greg: Our first gig was in our home town in New Jersey where we grew up in like Nights of Columbus hall kind of like a rental hall and we rented it out for the night for our friends and bought beer and just had a little show there...

Chris: How do you feel about the internet and people using to share music?

Greg: I think it's good, It gets people to know the band easier, especially for us, a band who don't have a big media think with advertising, so its good for us. Overall I think it hurts CD sales but for us I think its better.

Chris: What do the Bouncing Souls do to chill out in between tours and gigs?

Greg: Everybody kinda does there own thing.

Chris: Like homely stuff?

Greg: Yeah, I usually spend time with my wife, that's what im doing when im not on tour.

Chris: What is in the CD player of each member of the band at the moment, Well you anyway?

Greg: yeah well Ive been listening to Jonny Cash some ACDC, Um what else? I don't know.

Chris: Drink of drugs or both?

Greg: None anymore, but I used to, it just doesn't work anymore, I just doesn't do anything to me.

Chris: You don't drink at all?

Greg: No

Chris: Straight Edge

Greg: (Laughs) Yeah it just makes me feel sick.

Chris: So you're in a relationship. But what do you think of bands sleeping with fans?

Greg: It doesn't work. That's my opinion on it.

Chris: No? Have you or any of the other band members ever slept with a fan?

Greg: Yeah In the past.

Chris: So that's how you know it doesn't work!

Greg: Yeah

Chris: Tattoos and piercing? Do you have any?

Greg: A few tattoos, never really got into piercing though.

Chris: How would you describe your music in terms of genre?

Greg: Punk.... Rock... or Punkrock.

Chris: In three words where do you think punk and ska are going?

Greg: Erm same place they've always been?

Chris to James: We should really scrap the 3 words thing....

Greg: Oh, In 3 words

Chris: Ah don't worry about it now...

Greg: (Laughs) Well you take like a type of music like punk or ska and somebody out there is gonna be influenced by it and turn it into something that's theirs and were gonna say well isn't that cool! they sound like whoever they sound like The Clash or The Specials but they're better or different, so it always goes somewhere.

Chris: Well I hope so, Well not really Ska as I don't like many Ska bands but hey...

James: Skas allright...

Chris: Your biggest musical influences?

Greg: Ska.... Punk

Chris: Oops sorry (laughs)

Greg: (Laughs) well Reggae, Ska, Punk, Hardcore.

Chris: Who has the worst habits in the band?

Greg: Pete drinks allot Oh and the drummer Michael McDermot is well the biggest pot smoker.

Chris: Right this ones a Scenario question! The last one in fact!

Chris: You go to a job interview to become a member of The Bouncing Souls and the interviewer asks you why you think you would be good for the job, you answer?

Greg: Why would I be good? (Laughs) Because I know all the songs? (Laughing)

Chris: Well ok fair enough we will let you have that one... Well anyway cheers for that have a great day and all.