Check out a great piece on Sage Francis from WAV Magazine!

I hereby announce A Healthy Distrust leader of the pack for album of the year. Sage Francis punches political buttons with a dissenting fury unmatched in hip-hop since Chuck D. Bringing more to the plate than our A.D.D. asses can scarf down in one listen, providing a potent concoction of government scorn, manly girl messes and bitchslap anthems for a simultaneously gun-happy, anti-war fair weather youth.

A little help from friends never hurts. Sages' Distrust trumps razor edge production from emerging talents like Reanimator, Alias, Sixtoo and Dangermouse just to get started. On this, his first release for the punk pioneering label Epitaph, Francis fits right in as the first hip-hop artist they've ever signed. Lyrics for days, but not lackadaisical. Beats for weeks, that never fall flat. What more do you want? We'll just have to see who's left standing next to Mr. Francis come December.

We now present WAV's psychoanalyzation of the white rapper from Connecticut.

FYI: Fuck A Stereotype. Enjoy!

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