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Besides being one of the most incredible nights of my life for completely unrelated reasons which I am not at liberty to discuss, trying to interview Pulley was crazy fucking hectic. Juice was running around trying to interview The Caddies, Matthew was getting ducked by an unidentified label, and Brent we told to stay outside because he shaved off some of the sweetest chops I had ever seen. Like we're talking with a good accent it could have been him in the Keith's commercials. Nonetheless I'm slipping away from the story. When we finally met Tyler Rebbe (bass) and walked aimlessly around The Opera House looking for somewhere to sit down and chew the fat. We eventually ended upstairs at the windows by the projector. "Where the fuck are the couch's you silly bitch's". Seriously though, where's a guy supposed to take advantage of drunken New Found Glory fans.

TE: I'd love to ask how the tours been, but I already heard about London a couple days ago.

PULLEY: Yeah we broke down.

TE: The Van?

PULLEY: Yeah we're gonna play a make up show on the 26th of March. Actually we missed the Thunder Bay show because of weather. We didn't even get to the venue after driving for 18 hours until close to 2 in the morning. At that show there were three bands that didn't make it, Irish car Bomb, Closet Monster and us. Then the next day we were in Sault Saint Marie, we played and everything was fine. The day after we stopped for some gas, we get the gas, then go to turn the van back on and it won't start. We changed the starter drove another 30 kilometers then the alternator went out, and finally the voltage regulator just exploded, so it's been pretty amazing.

TE: How old is this fucking van!

PULLEY: In this scene I'd say since '93.

PULLEY: What the fuck?

PULLEY: Yeah and this has been a pretty long hall. We started in California, to Vancouver, now all the way over here. That London show three of us actually ended up making it because we thought they were going to be able to fix it (our other guitar player mike is a mechanic).

TE: That's pretty god damn convenient, "Mike and the Mechanics".

PULLEY: We figure they just throw another alternator in and be on the road, but it didn't end up going down. We're playing in Detroit on the 25th so we'll hop back over and do the make up shows.

TE: Fuckin A Man, besides that how's the tour been?

PULLEY: We were just talking about how everyone in all the bands is super cool and really friendly. Usually there just somebody that might rub the wrong way, and with five bands it's a lot of people, but everyone's wicked cool.

TE: What was working with Matt Hyde like?

PULLEY: I was stoked when I found out. We initially were going to use someone else but he ended up not being able to do it. Matt knew the wife of Brett Gurewitz or their wife's knew each other or something like that, and Brett played our CD and Matt was kind of like "yeah cool I've never done a punk rock record before". He was used to doing these big budget records and I think he was stoked to do something smaller. He's very gifted as a musician when it comes to all the technical stuff. He has knowledge of music that I don't, and it just helped to have his trained ears to help finding hooks and stuff.

TE: Any video's planned?

PULLEY: Yeah the first song Bad Reputation and Insects Destroy.

TE: What does a good sense of humor bring to a punk band?

PULLEY: Very necessary. For a band like us, you know, were not a big-time-band, were just playing small shows and having fun. You know we're not like 21 year old kids that haven't done it before, and when shit happens like the past few days it's what gets you threw, because we've all been around and been in lots of tours so we've seen some shit. There's defiantly a lot of humor in our band and we all get along real well.

TE: Is there a feeling now with everything that's happened to the band in the past couple years of settling a little bit finally?

PULLEY: I think we've always been settled but with this new record we had a lot of time to tour with each other and write the album over the past year and a half. Since we've been together that long we had a chance to write a record as a more cohesive record as compared to how we did it in the past. And I think it shows.

TE:'s been in the most bands and who's been in the worse?

PULLEY: I'd say I've been in the most. I'm always in like three bands at a time. I think we've all been in a lot of bad bands. Tony fills in for other bands and I do it sometimes. I just really like playing music, so it's cool to play with bands from my hometown, no touring just having fun playing.

TE: What's the truth about Pulley?

PULLEY: The truth about Pulley is that we're working class guys that jump in a van, drive around the world hoping to break-even playing Punk Rock, while taking a free vacation.

By Derrick St. Micheal

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