Check out a big tour/news update from The Matches

We leave today to go on tour for 7 weeks, first with our friends Over It from April 16-30 (including a one-off with Reel Big Fish!) and then we're out with our labelmates Matchbook Romance from May 1- June 6. We will be playing all over the U.S. so check the Shows page for all of the dates. Also, our album "E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals" has been nominated for "Outstanding Debut Album" at this year's California Music Awards. Click href='' target='_blank'>here to vote if you feel so inclined. Other interesting nominations include Reel Big Fish for the "Outstanding World Beat Album" and Blink-182 for Hmm...interesting...anyways, we hope to see you at the shows! "Outstanding Hard Rock Album."

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