Beatsteaks "Living Targets" is reviewed by

So I heard a rumor that rock is making a comeback. Is that true?
Anybody know anything about that? Well, if it's true, German rockers The Beatsteaks are certainly going to do well over the course of the next year. "Living Targets" is a really good rock record. There's nothing revolutionary about it, but that won't stop you from bobbing your head and singing along.

There's something about this record that I really like.
Maybe it's that songs like "God Knows" and "Let Me In" remind me of bands like Seaweed or Samiam. They're not flat-out punk...just rock n' roll with a punk edge. Lots of mid-tempo, fist-pumping sing-along songs.

The Beatsteaks explore the darker side of melody while managing to avoid being boring or depressing. "A-way" for example, has a really catchy chorus, but is never overly happy. Virtually every song has a catchy, memorable part. That's rare in records these days.

The only real complaint I have is that sometimes singer Arnim Teutoburg-Weiss veers too close to nu-rock. It only happens a few times tough, and it isn't enough to spoil the record.

You can check out the song "Let Me In" on the epitaph site at If you're down with this song, you'll love the rest of this disc.

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