BAD RELIGION: live at House of Blues, Las Vegas. Watch the exclusive footage!

Take one part MySpace, one part Bad Religion, one part Epitaph, one part House of Blues and one part 'Sin City', stir it up, pour your cup and drink href=>The List.

So how did this come to be, this free show from Bad Religion? If you were friends of href=>The List. you received the info you needed to get your tickets, no questions asked, well, one question and those went to the show know the answer to that.

On July 10th, MySpace and Bad Religion took over the House of Blues in Las Vegas. Friends of The List and Bad Religion lined themselves up, wrapping around the slot machines anxiously awaiting doors to open so they could rush down the stairs, press themselves against the barricade and await the free performance of a lifetime from California's punk icon Bad Religion.

Bad Religion rocked from "American Jesus" to "Sorrow" to "New Dark Ages" and MySpace got it all on film, live in HD for you, friends of Myspace, Bad Religion, and href=>The List to see. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH IT NOW!

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