Andy from Matchbook Romance checks in from the road

Hey guys! Just wanted to check-in real quick. We've been so busy writing the songs for the next album, but so far soooo good. All that work has been paying off because we are really proud of the style, and feel of the new stuff. I think you will too. Everyone is doing really great, and pretty much just itching to finish another Matchbook record. If you come see us at Warped Tour, we'll audition a few songs for you and you can tell us if they suck or not. Then after Warped it's into the studio to record it. A release date however, hasn't been setup but we're thinking it will be in Feb. Sorry for the delay but, we want to make sure that we put out a great record that you guys are stoked over, and not let down. We want to write different songs and experiment but still want to ensure that we're still Matchbook Romance and we're still evolving. Thats where the heart is, and we want to keep it that way. I think that's what a lot of bands misplace as they grow up.

Anyway, I'm sunburnt and tired from scuba diving off the coast of California on Catalina Island which is, by the way ,the coolest thing I've ever done so I will leave you. Oh yeah but before I forget... go see the movie "Millions", if you haven't already. Its British(so you know its rad),and so imaginative. Most of all you should see "Hitchickers Guide to the Galaxy"! Amazing! Another British movie that kicks ass. Add that to the list. Oh and check out Circa Survive, and the band Bloc Party. Enjoy and don't forget I told you so.

P.S. We gave the new album a name... stay tuned for details.

All my love,
Andy & the boys

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