A Matchbook Romance Valentine for you!

With their new album ready to drop, Matchbook Romance have set-up a killer event in New York City for the day of release !

The band will be performing LIVE on February 14th at 8:00 pm at the Crazy Donkey and the only way to catch this special show is to pre-order their new CD - "Voices" - from Looney Tunes Records!

When you pay your $15.00 admission at Looney Tunes (or on the Looney Tunes website) and you'll receive the following:

1) A ticket to see the performance
2) A pass to meet the band
3) A copy of the new CD, "Voices"
4) A Matchbook Romance T-Shirt (for the first 300 people)
5) Valentines (first 300)

Looney Tunes CDS
31 Brookvale Ave
West Babylon, NY
(631) 587-7722
href="http://www.looneytunescds.com" target="_blank">www.looneytunescds.com

The Crazy Donkey
1058 Route 110
Farmingdale, NY
(631) 753-1975