A Heideroosjes moshpit in South Africa!

Dutch punkrockers the Heideroosjes have been touring in South Africa this past September. For 12 days they were in the South African land and they did a few club shows and played a great gig at the Oppikoppi Festival in Pretoria.. They also got the change to go "punkrock crazy" together with the kids from the Mamelodi school over there.

Singer Marco says: "Heideroosjes had a great time during our stay in South Africa. We never expected to meet so much punkrockfans down there! The nice and friendly response of SA-punkrockers gave us a lot of energy. It feels good to play packed clubs on the other side of the world. Every gig was cool but our show at the Oppikoppi Festival in Pretoria (25.000 people) was amazing. And also our concert in a black township called Mamelodi was a fantastic experience. We turned out to be the first (white) punkband playing on a (black) school. It's proven again; music is a universal language! We hope to go back to South Africa next year. A big 'thank you' to every HR-supporter over there!"

On the Heideroosjes website you can read more about their adventures far away (in English, Dutch and South African)... Go and check it out!

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