Separate Ways

Growing Up Is Killing Me, Veara

Drums, Vocals: Brittany Harrell
Vocals, Guitar: Brad Wyrosdick
Guitar, Vocals: Patrick Bambrick
Bass, Vocals: Bryan Kerr

Did you slowly walk away before I could turn around?
I feel the fear of losing touch before my feet can hit the ground.
We were caught up in the moment. Now it's wrapped around my neck.
When I look up at the clock it tells me 'There's no turning back'.
Has it been too long for me to still call you a friend? Still call you?
I've been waiting around counting the days, watching the leaves change. We've changed.
By the time that we catch up, we realize that we've grown far apart.
We're pulling teeth to see eye to eye.
Where do we draw the line?
Distance between us. Covering tracks behind our backs.
Substance is wearing thin. There's no room to let you in.
We fade away. We've gone separate ways.
I guess we'll never be the same.
One day I'll follow you back to the soil where we grew.
You said we grew out of it, but we uprooted ourselves.
Watching the leaves fade away. We've changed.

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Veara Growing Up Is Killing Me (EPITAPH) Augusta, Georgia, may be better known for its golf tournaments than its pop-punk but all of that is ...

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