No More Secrets

Growing Up Is Killing Me, Veara

Drums, Vocals: Brittany Harrell
Vocals, Guitar: Brad Wyrosdick
Guitar, Vocals: Patrick Bambrick
Bass, Vocals: Bryan Kerr

Struggling to clear my conscience. Digging through my mind so deep.
Can I climb out of this ditch I've dug? This guilt won't let me free.
Hanging on to mistakes I've made can get carried away.
I'll throw regret to the wind, while I smile and wave.
Gasping for a breath of fresh air from choking on my foot again.
These days I feel like all my thoughts are pulling at my strings.
The tug-of-war against myself is tearing me apart.
Feeling the pressure inside, I keep wondering why I have so many secrets to hide.
Moments that keep running through my mind.
All those times I took the fall and laid there.
Thinking how I got here.
Standing back up on your own takes more than you know.
But when you get there you figure out where to start over.
Relieving the pressure inside by moving on with our lives.
Now there's no more secrets to hide.

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Veara Growing Up Is Killing Me (EPITAPH) Augusta, Georgia, may be better known for its golf tournaments than its pop-punk but all of that is ...

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