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Growing Up Is Killing Me, Veara

Drums, Vocals: Brittany Harrell
Vocals, Guitar: Brad Wyrosdick
Guitar, Vocals: Patrick Bambrick
Bass, Vocals: Bryan Kerr

Looking back where we came from. Back when we left it all behind.
We took our chances. Told our story. Went on a search for guts and glory.
I've never found it easy to write a story with no ending.
It takes time to live life. Don't waste your time.
If we let go, then we're to blame. Let's take on the growing pains. So don't let go, Let's go!
Don't think I've never thought about consequences and other doubts.
They always try to pull me under. I'll keep my head above the water.
Don't sink now. Don't play the game like they taught you how.
Don't let me down and fold the hand you're dealt.
Hold your own. Embrace the change. We can't let go of what we've made.

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Veara Growing Up Is Killing Me (EPITAPH) Augusta, Georgia, may be better known for its golf tournaments than its pop-punk but all of that is ...

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