Growing Up Is Killing Me (feat. Dan Campbell)

Growing Up Is Killing Me, Veara

Drums, Vocals: Brittany Harrell
Vocals, Guitar: Brad Wyrosdick
Guitar, Vocals: Patrick Bambrick
Bass, Vocals: Bryan Kerr

Another day, another week gone by. I'm so fed up with how hard people try.
They lose their heads and then they lose themselves and I'm left here to play the part of a stranger.
Hearts change minds like the time of day.
The weight of the world ain't what it use to be.
Growing up is killing me.
If we only knew then what we know right now, would you second guess yourself?
There comes a time we all ask why. I wouldn't trade myself for anyone else.
Another month, another year gone by. I'm still fed up with what's been on my mind.
'How things are changing, I'd rather stay' But you won't get anywhere if you just stagger and stare, so come on!
From Halloween til Christmas Eve. Did I grow up to fast or was it taken from me?
Will things ever be the same again?

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Veara Growing Up Is Killing Me (EPITAPH) Augusta, Georgia, may be better known for its golf tournaments than its pop-punk but all of that is ...

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