Fake Blood (feat. Andrew DeNeef)

Growing Up Is Killing Me, Veara

Drums, Vocals: Brittany Harrell
Vocals, Guitar: Brad Wyrosdick
Guitar, Vocals: Patrick Bambrick
Bass, Vocals: Bryan Kerr

I've never felt so used. Crumpled up and thrown away like yesterdays news.
My name in vain across the headlines.
Get the story straight. Make up what you want to hear so you can get your way.
When this unfolds, they'll read between the lines.
I can't forget if I wanted to. I can't forget the damage you've done and the mess you've left in your favor. The blood you spill will stain forever.
I've been there all along like every note to every song, but I've just been your crutch to lean on.
You're dressed to impress with tricks up your sleeve.
There's nothing but a liar underneath. It shows through your teeth.
The blood you spill will stain forever.
A broken heart will always remember.
Left for dead, my foundation was made.
And when yours starts to cave, you'll come to reality.
I'm not sorry that it ended like this.
What goes around comes back swinging with an iron first.
You're running out of bridges to burn.

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Veara Growing Up Is Killing Me (EPITAPH) Augusta, Georgia, may be better known for its golf tournaments than its pop-punk but all of that is ...

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