The End Of White Supremacy

Patriotic Shock, Total Chaos

Vocals: Rob Chaos
Guitar: Ronald McMurder
Guitar: Germ
Bass: Joe E. Bastard
Drums: Gearbox

No group or race of people
should ever rule the world
The end of white supremecy

The fall of the kkk and nazism
A human dream come true
The end of white supremecy

I've talked about racism
for years and years
but you still don't learn
It is wrong to hate
another human being
Because of color or country
they were born
Now i'm going to become
a threat to your lies

Equality and interacial love
is the answer to save our world
The end of white supremecy

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Total Chaos

Total Chaos

After a self-released single and full length LP, a Latin American tour, a debut album on Epitaph (1994's ear-shattering Pledge of Defiance), numerous arrests ...

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