Flames Have Destroyed

State Of Discontent, The Unseen

Vocals: Mark Civitarese
Bass, Vocals: Tripp Underwood
Guitar, Vocals: Scott Unseen
Drums: Pat Melzard

You walk the path
Now deal with it
The problems you have made
Go prove to them that you have changed
So tarnished memories can fade
The tide's coming in
But will it wash away the times
The times you disappointed them

The times you made them cry
Where can you turn
The flames have destroyed
Yah can you rebuild
The bridge that you burned
The patience to reconstruct
Or let ashes wash away

Fight for what you want
Let nothing stand in your way.

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The Unseen

The Unseen

Boston street punks The Unseen have just signed with Hellcat Records and will release their new full length studio album produced by Dropkick Murphys Ken ...

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