Teenage Wrist - Swallow (Single)
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ISRC: USEP41736003

Recorded: 2017

©2013 Anti, Inc.

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1 Swallow


Swallow (Single), Teenage Wrist


I can’t see another way, we are born into feeling blue. Just tell me I’m burning out, I know every word is true. Older and older, the voice of wasted youth has never been so loud. Over and over, like powder in the barrel pushing deeper down. Give up. Swallow it whole. Let go. Swallow it all. Come on. Swallow it all. And now rise, and now repeat - “we deserve everything we own”. The long road to transience, the tightrope between our bones. Oh, we are golden. Every other step is met with vicious eyes. Strangers and lovers, the sugar-filled assurance in between the lies. Come on. Swallow it whole. Come on. Swallow it all.

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Teenage Wrist

Teenage Wrist

Teenage Wrist's debut album Chrome Neon Jesus is available now. Signed to Epitaph Records last fall, the L.A.-based garage-rock trio molds elements ...

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