To The Burial

The Constant, Story Of The Year

Vocals: Dan Marsala
Guitar: Ryan The Nose
Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Synthesizers: Philip Sneed
Bass: The Skull
Drums, Percussion: Josh Wills

step aside and watch the lions roar
as they rule - with an iron fist and boundless force
like a plague - their epidemic spreads across the floor
just let me introduce you to who's behind that door

a smiling face - with style and grace - they'll show you to the fire

bleed us - bleed us
for their capital
lead us - lead us
to the burial

they build their - reign of wealth through manufactured wars
as they ship - all our factories off to foreign shores
just to keep - their pockets full and leave the people poor
this is the kind of system that we've been slaving for

eventually - like sheep we'll be - led blindly to the slaughter

bleed us - bleed us
for their capital
lead us - lead us
to the burial

headstone bleeds admiration
a backhanded eulogy
in the face of devastation
gladly they'll sing our praise
for a life of slaving and digging our own graves
now just let the usher show you to your final resting place
yeah what a disgrace - we are

learn to breath - and you will see - your life is what you make it

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Story Of The Year

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