Limping Away

Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes, SNFU

Guitar: Brent Belke
Bass: Rob Johnson
Drums: Dave Rees
Vocals: Ken Chinn
Guitar: Marc Belke

Where's the floor that once felt so secure?
Where are the walls that I once leaned on for support?
They are now gone, and I'm floating and hanging on
I know I can't hang on forever, but I'm gonna try

I'm limping away now...

If I should fall, I hope I don't hit very hard
Cuz I know that there'll be no one there to catch me
I know I'll get by, it'll just take a little time
As for now, it feels as though I'm limping...

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Formed in Edmonton in the early '80s, SNFU has been one of the best and longest living of Canada's indie punk bands. Led by ...

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