Rancid - Rancid (5)
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U.S. Release Date: August 1, 2000

E.U. Release Date: July 18, 2000

Label: Hellcat/Epitaph

Recording Year: 2000

UPC/EAN Code: 45778042760

Rancid (5)


About Rancid (5) by Rancid

From its ominous, xeroxed album cover, to the barely legible lyric sheet to the sheer chaos invoked by the music, Rancid 2000 (as the second self-titled LP has come to be known) is "paint-peeling punk rock of the highest order." Produced by long-time friend and producer Brett Gurewitz, most of the 22 songs clock in at well under two minutes, and there are absolutely no ballads. Guitars are driven to within inches of meltdown, the bass burns with the signature maniacal virtuosity of Matt Freeman, and the vocals are delivered with raging conviction. Rancid's hardest, fastest record to date!

🎶We’re going up, you’re going down; We’re still around #LastOneToDie 🎶

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We’re going up, you’re going down; We’re still around #LastOneToDie https://t.co/4ZjpkbfQxU

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Rancid as a band have always been imbued with a sense of place: the blue collar neighborhoods where they grew upin Berkeley, California, their place ...

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