Raised Fist - Sound Of The Republic
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U.S. Release Date: May 23, 2006

E.U. Release Date: May 22, 2006

Sound Of The Republic

Raised Fist

About Sound Of The Republic by Raised Fist

The third full-length offering from Swedish hardcore/punk monsters, Raised Fist, Sound Of The Republic is a bold jaunt into slightly new waters for the band, be it blood soaked waters!

Tracks like "Sunlight" and "Sound Of The Republic" feature guitars that swarm like blood thirsty, killer bees, drums that seem to move the ground beneath you and vocals that pound you non-stop from every direction; occasionally the vocals swing into a melodic chorus, but only briefly before they are smashed with a clap of thunder from frontman Alexander Rajkovic's lungs! This is a truly brutal album for the brutal times we live in!

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Raised Fist

Raised Fist

Respect. If you want to characterize Raised Fist – one of Sweden's longest-running yet most vital acts in the hardcore scene – with just one word ...

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