Raised Fist - Dedication
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U.S. Release Date: November 26, 2002


Raised Fist

About Dedication by Raised Fist

A concise, cranium splitting, stipped-to-the-bone, audio onslaught! The avatars of Swedish hardcore are back with their second release for Epitaph and they clearly mean business. "Dedication" features maniacally focused and furious vocals, drums that reach ungodly speeds and a blistering guitar storm that will peel the chrome off a trailer hitch. "Dedication" is a pure hardcore expression of monumental proportions.

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  1. 10.4.2015
    Bezirk-Landstrasse, Austria
    Arena Wien
  2. 11.28.2015
    Orebro, Sweden
    Ritz Örebro


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Raised Fist

Raised Fist

Respect. If you want to characterize Raised Fist – one of Sweden's longest-running yet most vital acts in the hardcore scene – with just one word ...

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