Warm And Low

Interiors, Quicksand

Bass: Sergio Vega
Vocals, Guitar: Walter Schreifels
Drums: Alan Cage
Guitar: Tom Capone

warm and low, stole from thieves
confusion so down with these
selected friends sworn enemies
tell me what you need
second sight in an abstract mode
see how it reads more high than it shows
exorcise and better clothes
tell me what you know
sunlight ready
keep me warm and low
an invisible thing to contemplate
pushed us too far behind the gates
with too much love to ever recreate
sunlight ready
keep me warm and low
out of sight

Upcoming Shows

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  1. 11.21.2017
    Milano, Italy
    Santeria Social Club
  2. 11.22.2017
    Zurich, Switzerland
  3. 11.24.2017
    Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Rescue Rooms
  4. 11.25.2017
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Sound Control
  5. 11.26.2017
    London, United Kingdom
    Islington Academy


Artist Bio



New York City post-hardcore band Quicksand have released Interiors, their first album in 22 years. Interiors features the band’s original (and only) lineup of ...

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