No Bounty

BLOODSWEAT, Plague Vendor

Guitar, Keys: Jay Rodgers
Vocals: Brandon Blaine
Bass: Michael Perez
Drums, Synth: Luke Perine

I'm a wanted man
You can see the signs
But I think it’s time I head back home
I'm about to do some time

They almost had me in Texas
Way down in New Orleans
Was stopped in New York City
But my lady and my disguise luckily got between
Been to Colorado
Surfed it like the Nile
Way down in the Sahara
Death Valley I'll be there tomorrow

Shoot up another City
Shoot up another City

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  1. 9.24.2019
    San Francisco, CA
    Bottom Of the Hill
  2. 9.26.2019
    Portland, OR
    Bunk Bar
  3. 9.27.2019
    Seattle, WA
    The Vera Project
  4. 9.28.2019
    Spokane, WA
    Lucky You Lounge
  5. 9.30.2019
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Kilby Court


Artist Bio

Plague Vendor

Plague Vendor

When Plague Vendor were about make their new album By Night, singer Brandon Blaine didn’t exactly know what he wanted it to sound like ...

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