Bastard Son

Dead American Radio, Left Alone

Saxophone: Noe
Vocals, Guitar: Elvis Cortez
Drums: Ramrod
Bass, Vocals: Rick

Well I know it's no secret
I'm a drunk just like you
As I sit here counting the change in my pocket
To get a drunk and try to forget you

So many days I questioned and I wondered
Wondering what did I do wrong
Cause mama said it was all cause of me
You left that Friday night and never returned

And every day
I prayed and I wished and I wondered
When you would come back
When you would return
But I found comfort and courage
Inside of a bottle
Now I don't care if you return

I grew up alone with no direction
I learned about life the hard way
Made mistakes and learned about rejection
I was a kid out on the streets running astray

I began to look for my place in life
Cause I knew I didn't fit with every one
I was the kid with no father and no Monday
But I found a home in my guitar and my songs

Now I don't care if you return

Artist Bio

Left Alone

Left Alone

The exuberant yet repentant punk anthem that launches Left Alone’s 2006 sophomore Hellcat offering is the kind of no bullshit, honest proclamation that fans ...

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