Every Second Counts

Drifter, Heartsounds

Guitars, Vocals: Laura Nichol
Guitars, Vocals: Ben Murray
Drums: Trey Derbes
Bass: Kyle Camarillo

Calculate this life with the precision of a knife,
Through the dreaded rise,
And on into the starless nights.
Analyze my every waking breath,
and scrutinize this sterile path to death.
A once vibrant soul, stripped of light
And shot into the dark, unforgiving cold.

Do you know what it's like to die?
Well I know what it's like to be chewed up and spit out
of this pathetic cycle of life in two records' time.
So watch me get back up,
And brush off the decay, the dirt and dust
Only to fall back through,
Straight to the hell I swore I'd never return to.

Oh, how I long to feel alive,
To be thrust into the depths of midnight skies,
To prove my worth before I'm thrown to the lions,
To claim my throne on top of the world defied.

But these days and weeks blend seamlessly together
Into an emptiness that I'll barely remember.
It's hardly a way to waste away,
"But it's what we're given"
I won't settle for it.

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Progressing on their sophomore follow-up album to their 2010 Epitaph debut Until We Surrender, Heartsounds reach a new level of maturity and diversity without holding ...

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