Run It Up The Flagpole, Farewell

Vocals: Marshall Davis
Drums: Jeff Ellis
Guitar: Kevin Carter
Guitar: Wil Andrews
Bass: Buddy Bell

Our story starts when I was 14 years old
My friends and I snuck out for our first punk show
We stuffed our beds and stole my sister's car
Then sped the whole way there playing our air guitars
I had no clue what I was getting myself into...

A few years later, met some guys in a rock band
Picked up a keyboard and I started singing
We wrote some songs and played out local bars,
but never would have guessed that we would ever make it this far
Now and then, I still remember it sinking in...

I called my mom on the way from NC to LA, cause it helped me to feel close to home
I told her not to worry, got my best friends with me
Now I'm living my life on the run

Brought back some stories from the places we'd been to,
And learned a lot from all the drama we went through
Then cut a record, started building a name,
Got a real fanbase and our first taste of fame
It's funny how life has a way of just working out

We've come a long way since the old days
And I'm proud to say I wouldn't change anything at all
Cause once this road comes to an end I'll have the memories of when...

I know its so hard to see, but mom try to believe that life on the road isn't bad
Cause sooner or later we all have to leave, but I'll never forget my way back


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