Dropkick Murphys - On The Road With The Dropkick Murphys
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U.S. Release Date: March 9, 2004

E.U. Release Date: March 29, 2004

On The Road With The Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys

About On The Road With The Dropkick Murphys by Dropkick Murphys

Ever wanted to be in a punk rock band? Ever wanted to leave home? Do you like to travel? Have you ever wanted to go to faraway places like Japan, Australia and Germany? Well how about Russia and Finland? What would happen if a 17 year old kid from Boston joined a band and got punched, kicked and jumped on from one side of the globe to the other, would he make it to 21?

Come with us as we show you what life on the road is really like. We'll cram you on a bus with 14 people and drag you around the world for months on end. Would you miss you mom? How about your friends? Hop you don't have a dog. Do you like to shower? How about getting 3 square meals a day? Well forget about it sissy - there's no bathing or eating here. It's loud, it's smelly, it's very drunk and it may have scurvy. Sounds like hell? Yes, 65 freakin' day s of it! Seven god-damned years of it, actually, all presented in glorious vomit stained color.

This is it - it's all here:
The ultimate Dropkick Murphys collector's item.
Over 4 hours of video footage!

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  1. 2.17.2016
    Cleveland, OH
    House of Blues
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    Cleveland, OH
    House of Blues
  3. 2.19.2016
    Chicago, IL
    Aragon Ballroom
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    St Paul, MN
    Myth Live
  5. 2.21.2016
    Madison, WI
    Orpheum Theatre



The only Boston show with tickets still available is March 16 at HOB Boston !! More info: https://t.co/SyqMpIKFxb https://t.co/3Y0G3ANOeV

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