Guns Of '96

Last Of The Sharpshooters, Down By Law

Vocals, Guitar: Dave Smalley
Bass: John DiMambro
Drums: Chris Lagerborg
Guitar: Sam Williams

Guns of '96, the guns of '96
the ones that never miss!
96 guns in the schoolyard
there's a mama with a broken heart
wand they promise in november
but it's broken in december
the man said boy things will change this year
boy let me tell you crystal clear
that man is far away from here
and I don't want to talk about it
or hear another word about it
year of the rat?
it's the year of the gun
living in tinsletown, usa!
guns of '96
now it's fully automatic
just one word, he's gonna, let 'em have it
96 palm trees waved above the riot
now everybody wants to try it
hey brother can you spare a dime
has been replaced with a gleaming shine
with a .44 and a .45
tough kids walk the street tonight
shadows beneath a neon light
if you got a six-shooter will you feel alright ?
and the man in the blue box
stands above the fray
but you'd better lie low
or you'll be coming home the horizontal way
tough kids walk the street tonight
shadows beneath a neon light
they got a six-shooter and they feel alright

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Down By Law

Down By Law

Over the last 6 years, Down by Law has come to be known as a band of skilled songwriting and burning intensity, spawning audiences all ...

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