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After the huge success of "JUST ONE" released on Revelation Records in August of 97 Roadrunner Records basically forbid Ray Cappo (YOUTH OF TODAY, SHELTER) from releasing "VALUE DRIVEN" (BETTER THAN A THOUDAND, 2cd full length) for fear of it over shadowing SHELTER and thus hurting the money they invested in the project.

So Ray, like any good hardcore singer, bootlegged his own record. Now that the first 5000 copies are sold and Ray and Supersoul have officially severed all ties with Roadrunner Records, Supersoul has officially re-released "VALUE DRIVEN". BETTER THAN A THOUSAND are proof that old school Hardcore alive and well.

Graham Land (ex -Battery, Baby Gopal,) describes the music as "extremely powerful hardcore in the vein of Sick of it All, Youth Of Today, and Gorilla Biscuits with Ray's ultra positive and uplifting ideas lyrics."

"I was sick of going into the studio for 3 months to record a CD", Ray said reflecting on just coming out of the studio finishing SHELTER's "beyond planet earth".

With BETTER THAN A THOUSAND we wanted to capture something spontaneous and raw on tape. Get rid of all the flashiness and gloss of expensive studios and just get there and pour out your heart. We erected a studio in Ken 's bedroom

(KEN from Battery, Damnation AD)and whipped off a ompletely crunchy and emotional CD that completely captured the essence of what this band was about.

Because we were doing it sort of secretly, (Ray was a signed artist on Roadrunner Records and technically not allowed to record and release anything), we had no big budget to do an expensive recording anyway- but since all of us have been in and out of the studio so many times and Ken and I have done a lot of production work we're so excited with the great sounds that came out of there considering it was a bedroom production."

the CD captures the explosive nature of the bands live show, which is a sight to watch. Ray Cappo's flying all over the stage kicking jumping and screaming like a wildman out control, occasionally jumping on a monitor or PA speaker and flipping off the top. Guitars whaling, guitar players moving around the stage like psychotics, leaping here and there, while aggressively singing the words to themselves and the crowd simultaneously.

"The CD was a do it yourself thing. Totally independent and totally under our control, says Ken, that's what made it special. Now we're just going to tour."

And that 's exactly what they're doing. With the international release of this CD in Japan, the States, Brazil, Argentina and now through Epitaph in Europe, BETTER THAN A THOUSAND will be travelling the globe promoting the now finally officially released VALUE DRIVEN.

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Better Than A Thousand

Better Than A Thousand

After the huge success of "JUST ONE" released on Revelation Records in August of 97 Roadrunner Records basically forbid Ray Cappo (YOUTH OF TODAY, SHELTER ...

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