Shiny Shoes

Launched, Beatsteaks

Vocals, Guitar: Arnim teutoburg-weiß
Guitar, Vocals: Peter Baumann
Bass: Alexander Roßwaag
Guitar: Bernd Kurtzke
Drums: Thomas Götz
Engineer: Uwe Sabirowsky
Producer: Uwe Sabirowsky

A nine-to-fiver, still-aliver, a born survivor
I'm changing into overdrive
Try to make it so hard to take it
Learn to fake it before I break it

Suit and tie, yeah, I wonder why, yeah
Shiny shoes, yeah, dress in style, yeah
And wear a smile, yeah
Show 'em what I got
'Cause I own the world tonight

Here I am now taking aim now
I nearly blew it but still got through it
I always knew it, there's nothing to it

Taking aim now, I'm glad I came now
Light the flame now, breaking the chain now
Show 'em what I got
'Cause I own the world tonight

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Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen! We've got our new record ready! And it answers to the name of SMACK SMASH!

Having been busy writing ...

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