Launched, Beatsteaks

Vocals, Guitar: Arnim teutoburg-weiß
Guitar, Vocals: Peter Baumann
Bass: Alexander Roßwaag
Guitar: Bernd Kurtzke
Drums: Thomas Götz
Engineer: Uwe Sabirowsky
Producer: Uwe Sabirowsky

Hi folks, I'm fucked up again
Eat breakfast in the afternoon
I'm feeling like a loaded gun
Midlife crisis' coming soon

Yeah, I have no time to waste
Yeah, I know I got no time to waste
This ain't the way it's supposed to be
I'm bored thinking 'bout my destiny

Another Sunday afternoon
Come down, think positive
Find salvation in an ugly place
Masturbation lost its fun

Okay, let's go turn the TV on
Oh, fuck, not this again
Oh yeah, the charts
Not this crap again

What have I done?
Today the panic comes
Call my friends, the panic comes
"Sick and tired of being down"

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Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen! We've got our new record ready! And it answers to the name of SMACK SMASH!

Having been busy writing ...

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