Mietzi's Song

Launched, Beatsteaks

Vocals, Guitar: Arnim teutoburg-weiß
Guitar, Vocals: Peter Baumann
Bass: Alexander Roßwaag
Guitar: Bernd Kurtzke
Drums: Thomas Götz
Engineer: Uwe Sabirowsky
Producer: Uwe Sabirowsky

you showed me colours i'd never seen
there was so much we used to share
you took me places that i'd never been
i close my eyes again and think of you
i hear your voice with every passing day
i see my sister's laughing face
i think about the things you used to say
i close my eyes again and think of you
i see myself in you
in all those little things you do

took you in bed at night
knowin' that everything's alright
time slips away so fast
sunny skies get overcast
i know i can't be there beside you
i can't be there to guide you
i can't be there to hold you now

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Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen! We've got our new record ready! And it answers to the name of SMACK SMASH!

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