And Wait

Launched, Beatsteaks

Vocals, Guitar: Arnim teutoburg-weiß
Guitar, Vocals: Peter Baumann
Bass: Alexander Roßwaag
Guitar: Bernd Kurtzke
Drums: Thomas Götz
Engineer: Uwe Sabirowsky
Producer: Uwe Sabirowsky

What was meant to be
what once mattered I got it shattered I waited patiently
for a reason so I could stay another day
one single day
what I tried to flee
got it on my back and it scares me I guess
all the "could have beens"
would not just be dreams so I need another day
one single day.

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Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen! We've got our new record ready! And it answers to the name of SMACK SMASH!

Having been busy writing ...

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