The Devil Is Near

Lost Forever // Lost Together, Architects (UK)

Drums: Dan Searle
Vocals: Sam Carter
Guitar, Keyboards: Tom Searle
Bass: Alex Dean

They live this day and night // This is sacrifice, No fucking compromise // They have the heart to resist // Whilst the hunters hunt, they will persist // This is where tragedy is bought and sold // It seems their pain is worth it's weight in gold // You know they're here when the water is red // Our fading life support is hanging by a thread // A message etched on broken ships // You can hear them cry, they're calling out // For the mother lost, she's bleeding out // Their innocence is heaven sent // This malevolence, it will not relent // A graveyard sits upon the shore // They won't swim together anymore // The tide will rush with waves of fear // Selling souls // The devil is near // A message etched on broken ships // We'll be here till corruption quits // There is a voice, though they cannot speak // Not yet ready to admit defeat.

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Architects (UK)

Architects (UK)

Architects, the Brighton-based outfit Kerrang recently awards the title of “Best British Live Band” and The Guardian said feature “gloriously crafted anthems of defiance,” return ...

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